May 29, 2024

Corvette from Chevrolet is one of the best sports cars that you can buy. It has everything from superior engine power to a stylish look that makes people envy Corvette owners. In short, it is fast and powerful yet has a look that is stylish enough for any day.

To understand why this is one of the best track weapons people can buy, you need to know about its specs. However, to take a test drive of this beast, visit Kimberly Chevrolet dealer. Take a look now as to why people consider this the best track weapon!


The engine that delivers power to this amazing vehicle is what makes it an ideal option for any track day. The naturally aspirated engine V8 5.5L revs at 8500 rpm. When revving it creates a thunderous note that makes it sound like a supercar. To make things better this engine delivers 670 hp without breaking a sweat. Also, it is paired with an automatic dual-clutch 8-speed option that makes gear transition seamless. In addition, RWD is standard for this car.

This beast can outperform any car on the track. It can reach 0-60 mpg within only 2.6 seconds which makes it one of the best options that you can buy for tracking activity. 10.5 seconds is what it needs for completing a quarter-mile lap. People opting for its convertible option will complete 0-60 mph with a longer time of only 0.1 seconds.

To ensure great cornering and more secure driving ability, this vehicle comes with a more aggressive braking system, stickier & wider tires, etc. Moreover, Chevrolet decided to transform and strengthen its structure to ensure that people can enjoy every edge that this car is capable of delivering when on a track.

Most buyers will opt for the Z07 package without a second thought. It will assist in reducing weight of this vehicle, upgrading tires and brakes, adding aerodynamic components, etc. The front wheel is 20 inches standard, and its forged rear aluminum wheel is 21 inches. However, if people are looking to spend a little bit more then they can opt for its carbon fiber set which is lighter and stronger.

The powertrain alone shows why people consider this vehicle the best track weapon in modern times. Though there are many options that people can opt for, hardly any will be faster than this beast. Hence, you need to visit Kimberly Chevy dealer soon.


The price of this vehicle starts from $107k and goes up to $130k. It will depend on you what type of Z06 you opting for and which packages you want to install in it. Hence, only discussing it with a dealer will allow you to know the exact pricing of this vehicle.

This is without doubt one of the best track weapons that you need in your garage. It is simply powerful and offers better control when equipped adequately. So, if you are looking to dominate a track, this is your car to have!


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