May 29, 2024

Pallets are commonly used for stacking, storing, protecting, and transporting items while they are being moved by pallet jacks and forklifts. Numerous materials are used to make pallets. The wood pallet, which offers a great balance between price and utility, rules the market. Wood is a sturdy material that is affordable and simple to construct into different sizes as needed. Pallets made of other materials also serve essential functions.

Durability, simplicity of cleaning, exemption from ISPM 15 standards, and other advantages make plastic pallets highly sought. Paper pallets are widely used because of their low weight, exemption from ISPM 15, cleanliness, and simplicity of recycling. Pallets made of the wood composite are also free from ISPM 15, offering a rigid, reasonably cost product that is easily recyclable and often nestable to maximize storage and transportation space.

Standard Pallet Sizes – Industry Wise

Dimensions (Width x Length in inches)

40 x 40 – Dairy

48 x 40 – Grocery

48 x 45 – Automotive

48 x 20 – Retail

48 x 48 – Telecom

48 x 42 – Beverage

Standard Pallet Sizes – ISO – Material Handling International

43.30 x 43.30 – Asia

48 x 40 – North America

44.88 x 44.88 – Australia

31.50 x 47.24 – Europe

The standard pallet size in NA (North America) is 48″ x 40″. The GMA discovered that shipping groceries on giant pallets rather than individual parcels was cost-effective, popularised, and standardized this size. In order to protect your items during freight shipping, pallets are employed. Pallet shipment improves freight handling efficiency. Check to know more about the pallet sizes. Ship a Car, Inc is very popular in the US for its shipping services.

Similar to how different factors affect how many goods can fit on a pallet, different factors affect the number of pallets that can fit in your truck. Pallets are a perfect choice for shipping big quantities of products. Both costs and space are reduced by using the pallets.

Knowing the pallet shipping advantages is something that you must do first. Know about the dimensions and sizes of the pallets. The next thing you must do is find a good pallet shipping firm. Ensure that you choose a reputed shipping company always. Otherwise, things can get messed up. Some of the important things which you must consider when hiring a shipping company includes

  • Experience: Choose an experienced shipping company always for any type of shipping. The majority of experienced companies provide safe and secure shipping services to their clients. This means you can stay relaxed now. You can find the details related to your experience on the official websites of various shipping companies.
  • Service Cost: As there are so many shipping companies available, compare the service cost of the different shipping companies available in your location. Choose the company that offers its services at a reasonable price.
  • Insurance: Choosing an insured company is very important. Otherwise, your items will be at risk. If at all anything goes wrong during shipping, an insured shipping company will take the responsibility for it.

Find a reputed shipping company for pallet shipping!

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